Who we are

SafeSwim is an initiative that is geared towards providing life skills and not just “LEARN TO SWIM” classes. Our instructors collectively have more than 30 years of experience and are Level 1 and Level 3 First Aid certified. We are a national swim school and are currently expanding our expertise to Gauteng and Kwa-zulu Natal.

Swimming is not a sport, it is a life skill that could one day save your life, a strangers life or the life of a loved one. Learning to get your feet off the ground or submerging yourself for the first time in water can be intimidating. Our instructors are trained to be patient through an understanding that no two learners are the same and different people react differently to different situations. The SafeSwim philosophy is learn to swim, be safe but have fun at the same time.

In order to keep with the latest trends and techniques in swimming teaching and coaching, we conduct regular assessments of our instructors and ensure that their skillset is always updated.

We like to know that you leave our swim school a different person as to when you first arrived, we therefore provide a free scuba diving introduction to all our clients who complete a minimum of two swimming techniques and learn to dive. Our certified Scuba Centre partner facilitates this amazing experience.

Our champion office administrators allow for a great customer experience as all your questions and queries are addressed timeously and accurately. The swim Instructors are therefore not sidetracked by financial and administrative queries but rather focused on what they do best which is ensuring that you are correctly equipped to face all your swimming challenges, and achieve your goals.

SafeSwim has been designed to provide a world class experience.

How we work

SafeSwim Instructors conduct an initial assessment where a student’s strengths and weaknesses are measured and the results are therefore used in the teaching program going forward.

  1. With adults, our instructors are trained to accelerate the progression of the first 2-4 lessons, therefore, teach basic floating, paddling and gliding skills. This establishes early confidence from having developed basic swimming skills.

  2. With children (4 years onwards): A childs exuberance and confidence level is a result of their level of comfort in the pool and with the swim instructor, At SafeSwim, we also try and place an emphasis on the childs strengths upfront. Psychology plays an integral part in a child’s progression during swimming lessons and is therefore a major strength and characteristic we look for when recruiting swim Instructors. Once self-confidence and trust in the swim teacher is established, the process of effective learning can start.

At SafeSwim, we place a large emphasis on team effort during classes. This means, we teach in groups as students do not only learn from the swim instructor but also from each other. It is a process of looking and learning. Students also share information with each other and this creates an environment that is conducive to progressive learning. The group sessions also create a fun and a social learning environment. Group sessions allow students the time to take a breather but the learning process continues while watching other students and listening to the instructor correct them.

At SafeSwim, we do not encourage children to use swim aids in the first 8 lessons especially as we attempt to build a “need to use” mental response within the childs psychology as well as to establish a relationship and trust with the instructor. It is critically important that a child does not become fixated on a floating device.

Quarterly reports are also provided to students or parents as a means to measure and guage your’s or your child’s progress. The report will also empower parents to understand what areas of their child’s weaknesses that they need to focus on outside of swimming lessons.

What we do

Learn to swim

  • Swim school excellence
  • Safety
  • Fun

Stroke correction

  • Swimming as an exercise
  • Extreme confidence in water
  • Build strength

Swimwear and accessories

  • Unitards and leotards
  • Swimwear and swim caps
  • Accessories